American Citizen Deported – Why a Birth Certificate no Longer Matters

A U.S. birth certificate is no longer enough to prove citizenship.

24-year-old Luis Jaquez was deported to Mexico despite being acquitted in a trial pertaining to the legality of how he obtained his birth certificate.

In fact, the authenticity of the certificate is not an issue at all; it is most definitely a legitimate U.S. birth certificate. However, years ago, a group of women were arrested for selling birth certificates. Jaquez’s home birth is a source of suspicion.

The government must own up to their actions and either provide good, sound, reasoning supported by the Constitution or apologize and bring Jaquez back.

For now, Jaquez is unable to work because his only birth certificate was taken away, so he has no means of proving citizenship in any country. He has no proof of identity, and is therefore a human floating in this world without ties to anywhere.

Posted by Marguerite France


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