IT Kidnappings

Since 2008 there have been around fourth IT persons who have disappeared in Mexico. This is of great concern not only because of their disappearance, but of what the cartels can utilize them for. The main theory behind the use of the IT workers is that the cartels are utilizing them to aid in their criminal mischief. They are enslaving them for their skills in creating a way to hide their activities. This includes money laundering as well as making fronts for fake businesses making them seem as if they do exist as legitimate businesses.

Additionally, the government believes that they have assisted the cartels in building infrastructure for their illegal activities. If the cartels were to use the services of the providers in the country for wireless and Internet, they could easily be tracked and their locations as well as movements would not be secret anymore. This is both a blow to the families of those involved as well as for the government.

However, not everyone agrees with this theory as it exposes the cartels even more by taking civilians. Others believe that they could simply hire experts to do what the other group theorized. This is a better option in my opinion because less attention is drawn to the cartels.

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Aaron McKim


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