Drug Lords Gone: Climbing Crime?

The leaders of two of Mexico’s most notorious drug cartels, the Knights Templar and Zetas trafficking organization. This happened over the span of one week. Most would believe that this would lead to a decrease in the amount of crime that the country is experiencing. However, even without a figure head, the cartels are still functioning and there continues to be an increase in the amount of crime.

When looking closer at this, it is evident that in a country like Mexico the probability of more crime occurring after the take down of cartel leaders is high. When they left, there was no structure to fill their place in their organizations. This leads to power struggles within the cartels and some fracturing of the organizations. This results in a power struggles with those vying to be in charge committing crimes to assert their dominance and willingness to break the law to attract others to them. They also try to take out others who are their competition for the new leadership position.

In recent weeks since the arrest of these leaders, the authorities reported that there has been over a two hundred percent increase in the amount of kidnappings and extortion. The government needs to come up with a real solution to take apart the organizations completely, not just removing the leaders and leaving the other parts set up to reform and continue their criminal activities.

Read the full article here

Aaron McKim


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