Storytelling and Flan!

Why did the people at the Greater Ithaca Activities Center feel the need to push Latin American culture?  On Sunday afternoon the people of the area gathered the children together to push Latin American culture by storytelling and eating Flan.  So many Latin American children are embarressed by their Latin American culture, so the adults in this area found it neccissary to promote the Latin American culture amongst the young people.

In general this is neccissary for every culture to do.  Culture holds people together and brings people together in the area.  They did this by storytelling and eating food that was signifcant to their culture.  My last post was about how American students learn about the Latin American culture.  I think culture is extremely important not just for people of the United States to study by looking in, but also for people to study their own culture.  I have had flan.  It is not my favorite, but if it brings young people together to hold tight to their culture then by all means eat away.


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