Article Review: “PRESS RELEASE: NASCAR signs exclusive seven-year extension with FOX Sports Latin America “

Not the NFL. Not the NBA. Nascar. That’s right; Nascar. Apparently, Nascar has become quite the commodity in Latin America in the last decade or so, and the sport is making moves to continue its increased international popularity even more.

It is so interesting that Nascar, a sport that seemingly only U.S. southerners enjoy, is so popular within Latin American households (which may not be the exact truth, but it is what this article leads one to believe).

The random fact that Fox Sports is the leading sports-casting network in Latin America is one I find to be a very interesting little fact, considering how ESPN consistently dominates the sports ratings in the U.S.

All of this leads me to one huge question: is the globalization of U.S. sports the way that the U.S. can finally get Latin Americans to like them? Is Fox Sports, by expanding Nascar further into the Latin American market, doing the U.S. government a, perhaps unintended, “solid” here?  Maybe they are, maybe they aren’t, but it sure couldn’t hurt the U.S.’s reputation any further if they try.

Crazier things have happened because of sports, that is for sure.

Posted by Tyler Lee

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