Migrants in Mexico

For so long, there has been a strong misconception that the United States was the only country dealing with the issue of illegal immigrants, and as a result, it was the only country that was going to take action.

However, in recent days, the Mexican government has taken monumental strides in curving what has been in the past an extreme amount of migrants traversing through its southern border with the hope to reach the northern promised land.

The problem at hand now is whether these movements have been truly beneficial. In putting restraints on migrants, the Mexican government has indirectly forced travelers to rely on unofficial means of transportation and corrupt techniques to get through the nation. As a result, many of these migrants have fallen victim to crime, showing up to shelters battered and wounded, in desperate need of care.

If an action is made illegal and people continue to do it anyways, is it worth it to make the law?


Posted by Marguerite France


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