Cartel Violence: Ambushing Police

Tensions between the Cartels and the Mexican police continue to rise. In a recent event, the cartel amused a police convoy. In the brutal assault ten died. The victims were five federal officers, three hit men and two bystanders. This is yet another example in the growing issue of the war between the cartels and the police. The violence continues to escalate and the tactics of the cartels is becoming more advanced and more violent.

In this case, the ambush used military assault weapons and grenades. This is of great concern to the the government as they now have military grade weaponry. They are a seemingly unstoppable force with braver attacks. This attack is a clear representation of the cartels unfeeling for the effect that they are causing. Not only did the kill members of the police force, they killed two bystanders. To them, this is just a byproduct of their dirty game for profit.

This has also turned the streets into a battleground. The preface of the attack began with the Mexican Gendarmerie patrolling the streets when a parked car opened fire and around twelve more vehicles surrounded them. This is a good example that the warfare is increasing. It is no longer just in the small rural areas that the cartels are taking over, they have now become braver and are fighting closer and closer to the city and a decreased regard for civilian life.

Read the full article here

Aaron McKim


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