“Let Your Art Represent your Country”

Detail view of sculpture titled "Water and the Fish" by Tijuana artist Aida Valencia on display at the Latin American ...

An Art Festival hosted to promote Latin American Art literally brought the art to life.  A painting called “The Funeral” portrays a man playing a trumpet.  When the viewers held up their smart phone with the reality app the artist developed to the painting, it began to come alive.  What do I mean by come to life? The painting would blow confetti out of the trumpet that the man was playing.  It is suppose to represent the hope of life after death.  The artist is from Mexico City and was one of 65 artist asked to display their art at the Liberty Station festival in Point Loma, California.  The art festival director wanted the visitors of the art festival to learn to appreciate their Latin American neighbors and to visit more of the surrounding areas.

I chose this article for several reasons.  One, because I thought that this smartphone app for the paintings was so cool.  I had never seen anything like it.  Two, because I love reading about how the United States or any country for that matter is trying to learn more about other countries.  Cultures are so unique and when you study how different cultures interact, it’s amazing.  My biggest question, like always, is how we can we improve teaching culture? When I have the answer, I’ll let you know.



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