Uruguay Savior for Guantanamo Prisoners

Up until recently, Uruguay has been a savior for those prisoners that were in Guantanamo Bay that were taken into custody for crimes of being allegedly tied with Al-Queda.  Uruguay has been the only country to do so, however, not only did these former-prisoners struggle with language and culture, but many other countries in South America are too unstable to accept refugees from Guantanamo.  Former president, Mujica has been able to accept “detainees” from Guantanamo in March and is unable to be re-elected into office.  The successor for him is Tabare Vasquez, who is also member from his own party. Any more refugees, however, may be put on hold until November.  Those that have been integrated into society have been thankful for the opportunity to get away from Guantanamo.



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