Article Review: “Guatemala, Honduras Tackle Crime, Migration After US Talks”

The creation of a “Maya-Chorti” task force seems like it is coming to fruition a year late. The creation of a task force to help prevent migration as a result of gangs is one that is still incredibly relevant today for both Honduras and Guatemala. This issue has been going on for a while now, so it is troubling to learn that they are just now beginning to work together to address this issue.

Even more troubling is the main reason for the creation of this task force, which is because the two countries plan on opening customs between them and creating a legal movement of goods, people, and services beginning this December.

Now that they are establishing healthy relations they can now address illegal activities they both suffer from? Is that really how it has to work?

The impression I get is that these countries are just doing this to protect their money, not their people. Why else would they all of a sudden now try harder to curb illegal activities that have been going on for years?

Posted by Tyler Lee

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