The War on Drugs- Mexico and the U.S.

There are plenty of parallels between IS and Mexican drug cartels such as the Zetas and it’s Sinaloa cartel.

“In Mexico, the U.S. military is directly involved in the War on Drugs. In this country, that “war” has provided the pretext for the militarization of local police forces and increased routine surveillance of ordinary people going about their ordinary lives.”

Not only is the U.S. involved with wars in Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya but they have been involved with combatting the drug cartels in Mexico and have officially named it as a war on its own. Over 60,000 Mexicans were murdered through 2012 due to drug cartels and the current president of Mexico; Enrique Peña Nieto, admits that another 27,000 Mexicans were murdered in the first year of his presidency. These deaths range from ordinary citizens to journalists to politicians. Washington is a lot more involved with the war on drugs than one can imagine.

Posted by Andrea Shek


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