DEA Agents Under Fire for… Engaging with Cartel Bought Prostitutes.

Yep, how’s that for government funded employees? Over the past few years, it has been found out that some DEA agents have been engaging with prostitutes, and attending “sex parties.”  The country where that has been happening has not formally been identified, but an agent familiar with the matter has said it was in Colombia.

This is not a case involving 1 or 2 DEA agents l, it involves 7-10. Many of these interactions took place within the agents Government-funded living quarters, with the agents knowing these were cartel prostitutes. Not only did these agents engage with the prostitues, it has been found that 3 supervisory special agents have even been receiving handouts from the cartel (expensive gifts, weapons, etc.) 

The agents have received a suspension of 2-10 days, seems rather… light? I am curious to see where this goes from here. 



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