Mexico’s Mission to Decrease Emissions

Mexico is really embracing the green left of its three part flag as it makes serious motions toward placing limits on greenhouse gas emissions. And, they  are way ahead of the game.

Not only are they one of the first nations worldwide to make a legitimate commitment to this, but they have done it in preparation for the UN meeting in December. Clearly, they know what they want and they won’t wait around for it.

The cap will be completed by 2026 and by 2030, Mexico says it will have lowered the emission rates by 22%. Now the pressure is on other nations to submit their plans.

The U.S.-despite its lack of green in their flag-is also embracing the “go green” mentality, expecting to produce its plan next week. The Obama administration is highly supportive of Mexico’s plan and hopes the two can work together in this mission to stop emissions.

Posted by Marguerite France


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