Dispute over Falkland Islands escalates

After months of purchases and dealings between Argentina and Russia (and even China,) it appears war may be in the cards for the Falkland Islands, located off the coast of Argentina. Argentina has recently purchased military equipment, including aircraft, from Putin’s Russia. Now, Russia seems to be throwing its full support behind the South American nation in its attempt to reclaim the Falkland Islands. In response, the United Kingdom has reassigned two helicopters designed to transport soldiers, as well as a new missile system. Certainly, the United Kingdom has no desire to repeat the battles of 1982 with Argentina, and probably much less with Russia backing Argentina. What worries officials in the United Kingdom is the similarity of this situation to the recent events between Russia and Crimea. With President Christina Fernandez de Kirchner recently being cleared in the Alberto Nisman killing, her attention may now be able to shift back to regaining the islands that have “always belonged to Argentina.”




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