Cartel Ring Busted in US Territory

In a recent drug bust, authorities discovered and dismantled a drug ring that stretched from Arizona all the way to Indianapolis. The authorities seized heroine, cocaine, and methamphetamine, along with 25 firearms and $4.5 million in cash.

This story is very disconcerting because it shows that the cartels have made it deep into United States territory. They are now providing drugs on the streets of residential neighborhoods. One never thinks about the effects of the drug trade. But in this instance it is very shocking. This investigation has been ongoing since 2013 and has finally been closed.

However, it is scary to think about what this ring could have done with all of the drugs, money and guns that they had. That money would have undoubtedly be spent on financing their organization, growing their market, and protecting their product. The effect on the communities that they are operating in is the real crime. The people who witnessed the transactions were fearful in their own communities. They cannot go about their normal life without fear of being approached with a transaction or fearful of deals gone wrong.

This is not an isolated event. There are still cartels and drug rings throughout the country jeopardizing the safety of communities such as these. People should not have to live in fear of these people. This take down of is a sign of things to come for the future of the cartels.

Red the full articles here and here

Aaron McKim


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