Australia wants Latin America Students!

The Education sector in Australia has decided that it is not diverse enough.  They are only pulling in students from China, India, Vietnam, South Korea and Thailand.  They want more though.  And who do they want?  They want Americans, specifically, Latin Americans along with Middle Easterners, but for now let’s focus on Latin American students.

Why are international studies so important? Because one, the money.  The Education Minister in Australia is expecting international studies to double by the year 2020.  The problem is that Australia has to update some of its public services to accommodate all those new students, and they need better course studies to draw students in.  Australia wants to strengthen their relations with Latin American countries in order to have more students come their way.

They understand that Latin American countries like to send their students abroad to study in order to solve problems back at home.  The Australian government wants to increase scholarships and educational benefits for those interested from those countries.  Brazil has the highest number of students already in Australia from Latin America.  But compared to the number of people from China and India studying in Australia, the 22,000 Brazilians there are nothing.

So what is Australia going to do?  They are going to update.  They want better traveling accommodations.  They want a better price for living.  They want the programs for international students to be improved so they have more students come to them.  Just about everyone I know has said they would love to go to Australia one day.  If Australia does make traveling there more affordable, I believe that this could benefit them greatly.  They want Latin Americans.  I think they will get more and more as the years go on and only make Australia and Latin America better in the long run.


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