Growing Fear of Islamic Extremists in Latin America

The United States is beginning to grow worried of the possibility of Islamic terrorist groups emerging in Latin America. U.S. Lieutenant General Ken Tovo, deputy commander of U.S. Southern Command, declared last week that he feared that terrorist organizations could inevitably begin cooperating with drug cartels throughout Central and South America and become a major existential threat to the United States. The main fear is the involvement of Iran, a country who regularly supports state terrorism, in Latin America, although there is very little evidence of Iranian backed terror groups in the region. Instead, there appears to be much more evidence of the Lebanese terror group Hezbollah in places such as Brazil, where they have been discovered to have been working with a Brazilian prison gang for the last several years. There is also a fear that residents leaving Latin America to join groups such as ISIS may eventually return and start their own terrorist organizations. While the idea of Islamic extremists in Latin America may sound crazy, there is a great deal of evidence that this could eventually become a major problem in the Western Hemisphere.

Posted by Nick Davis


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