Article Review: “Peru’s Prime Minister Ana Jara deposed over spy row”

It seems that Peru is going through some intense, political difficulties.  Their second Prime Minister in the last year, Ana Jara, was forced to step down because it was discovered that the National Intelligence Directorate had been spying on citizens, politicians, journalists, businessmen, etc. for a while now. This is in addition to the fact that their previous Prime Minister had lasted only five months into his term, resigning amidst a corruption scandal.

All of this is happening within one stable regime, President Humala’s term, so the overall political atmosphere of Peru does not seem to be under any threat of radicalism or from a potential coup.

After doing some research, I found that whoever this newest Prime Minster is, they will be the seventh of Humala’s presidency (he has been in office since July 28th, 2011). This seems like a major political issue that needs to be addressed. Why does Peru go through so many Prime Ministers? How can they honestly expect the President to work with a Prime Minister position that is in constant flux and rotation?

This just screams “dysfunction” to me.

Posted by Tyler Lee

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