Some Latin Americans want All U.S. Military Bases Removed from Latin America

The idea was brought up that Latin American countries should began discussing the removal of all U.S. military bases from Latin America. This issue may be discusses at the upcoming Summit of the Americas in Panama on April 10-11. Former Colombian president, Ernesto Samper, commented saying that removing the U.S. bases in Latin America would be a good point of the new U.S. and Latin American Agenda.

Samper also let the U.S. have it by criticizing the means that the U.S. has been doing to pursue the nations goals in Latin America. Samper, in a way sounding like Martí, mentioned that “no country has the right to judge the conduct of another and even less to impose sanctions and penalties on their own.”

From my prior knowledge, the amount of U.S. troops stationed in Latin America is not that large, but perhaps the “idea” of United States forces even being in Latin America worries some. This Summit of the Americas should be interesting, being that Barack Obama attends.




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