Toyota’s Expansion

Already the world’s largest car manufacturer for several years running, Toyota is planning its next big move in its effort to maintain its position as top dog. With 1.3 billion dollars, Toyota will establish two new major manufacturing locations – one in China, the other in Mexico. In total, these two new factories will increase Toyota’s production by approximately 300,000 per year.

While Toyota has much to gain from these additions, there is also much to be concerned about, especially as this idea of globalization becomes less of a theory to be discussed and more of a reality that is rapidly disintegrating the world system as we know it. Is there any limit to a company’s ability to exploit cheap labor elsewhere while retaining the money for those located at headquarters? Outsourcing is detrimental to human rights, as it works to keep the poor countries down while funding the high-end lifestyle of the CEOs.

Toyota’s decision may seem like it would be good to make jobs in Mexico and China, along with several other beneficial side effect, but historical accounts of similar actions makes me hesitant to believe that these new factories will do any real good for anyone but Toyota.

Posted by Marguerite France


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