Policing the Slums

In preparation for the upcoming 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, the Brazilian government is trying to find a way to “pacify” some of the slums in the area around the Brazilian capital city. Over the past year, Brazil has sent in units of its army in order to try and reduce the violence in the gang-controlled outskirts. Now, the plan is to end the presence of the army and introduce the police as the main “caretakers” of the areas. Unfortunately, the slums that already are being patrolled by the police are reporting issues with police brutality and unnecessary killings. It’s clear that the Brazilian government is trying to make the city and surrounding areas as safe as possible for the impending mass arrival of athletes and viewers. The main question is, will the government look to maintain any progress that they accomplish in the coming year, or will the attempts at improving the relations between rival gangs end after the shadows of the Olympics and World Cup are gone?




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