Problems with Latin America

It is no secret that Latin America has had and continue to have its troubles. There are many things that contribute to the status of things in these countries. However, one of the things that links back to some of the central problems are the instability of the social structure. This instability promotes a culture in which violence and crime thrive. In turn, this promotes things such as the gang culture and this leads to the cartel life.

The status of the culture there is what drives the people to get involved in the cartels. There is a high rate of unemployment and poverty which always drives people to seek a way out. For many, the escape is through the life of the cartels. This life is best way that they believe they can better themselves. Through the organizations, they are able to obtain work and income. Even though it is illegal, the organized structure of the cartels provides them with an order that most Latin American governments lack, a substantial regular income (compared to what they would be making), and for some a family.

With the crime being so high, many people are troubled with being left without relatives due to a number of violent crimes. These extend to murder, extortion, torture, and kidnapping. Some people miss their family members and seek to find a replacement for the void that they feel in their life.

All of these problems can be traced back to the political instability and social structure of the countries. This causes an increase of violence and increases the tendency for people to join cartels. It makes sense that people would seek a way to find a way out of poverty through the only route they see possible.

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Aaron McKim


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