UK spies on Argentina

Edward Snowden, the former CIA agent that now lives in Russia after spilling U.S. secrets, has claimed that the U.K. had spied on Argentina from 2006 to 2011.  It is no secret that both the U.K. and Argentina both claim the Falkland Islands.  Recently the U.K. beefed up the defense there.  President Cristina Fernandez said that the British should spend money on their poor and not defending the Falkland Islands.  “Spend your money feeding the English, on providing jobs for your young people and a better quality of life for the British, because we are not a threat to anyone.”  From a military stand point, it’d be a bad idea not to defend an area that is contested.  The more troops you have there, the less likely the potential enemy will try to take it.  But that security does come at a cost.  On the flip side, one has to look at the state of the potential enemy.  If they are incapable of doing war (for any number of reasons) then it is money wasted.  It depends on the situation.  Information, however, is always a valuable commodity that is all too quickly outdated.



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