High-stakes test in Latin America

Latin American countries have not been known for their high test scores, so in response to the low test scores many countries in Latin America have quit the global high-stakes tests altogether.  Chili has the highest test scores in the region even above Brazil and Mexico, but they still rank considerably low when it comes to the global scale.  Competing against countries such as the UK and Finland, makes the competition extremely difficult.

The test that has been given to these schools has now been under controversy because of the fact they do not take into account the socio economic status of the students or the condition of the schools.  There has now been a study on 15 Latin American countries that takes these other factors into account.

But why do they fall behind? One problem is that so many students are unable to get to the schools.  It is not the lack of money so much, but the lack of access to schools.  So now the question is how do they fix it?  How do they make schools more accessible to the students?

My big thing is, why care about high-stakes testing.  Why compete with 11,12,13, and 14 year olds at the global level? Each child is different based on home-life and culture.  Why not monitor their progression locally on those aspects and quit worrying about the global level.


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