Article Review: “Father Of Student Attacked By Police: U.S. Aid To Mexico ‘Being Used To Kill Ordinary People'”

The U.S. has a 2.3 billion dollar program (the “Merida Initiative”) that sends money to Mexico every year to help combat drug-related violence. In theory, this is a great thing. The U.S. is directly attempting to help Mexico combat its vicious drug-cartel issues, right? The answer is kind of, sort of; mas o menos.

In some instances, the money is being used by corrupt police officers to actually aid drug cartels. Since there is a lot of police corruption in Mexico, this money can actually fund violent actions in some cases.

In this specific case, a large group of students were kidnapped by police officers and given to drug cartels to be “dealt with”. There have been a plethora of accusations that have been thrown around, like corruption, cover-ups for crimes committed, torturing techniques being used by police on suspects, murders, and kidnappings .

It seems like Mexico needs more than just U.S. money at this point.

Posted by Tyler Lee

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