NBA to Hold Basketball Camp in Cuba


The NBA is planning to host a basketball camp in Cuba to recruit new up and coming talent. This program, Basketball without Borders, will be a four day developmental camp  starting on April 23, and will be led by former  Men’s NBA players Steve Nash and Dikembe Mutombo and former Women’s NBA player Ticha Penicheiro.

Cuba has some of the best basketball players in the world, but ever since Fidel Castro’s rise to power, professional athleticism has been banned in Cuba due to a desire for players to participate in sports because of a love of the game, and not for money. Therefore, the only chance Cuban athletes have of making a living from their sport is to travel and compete in other countries, which is a rare and unlikely feat. 

Because of the US’s recent actions towards positive relations with Cuba, the ban on professional athletes has loosened considerably, which is evident in the creation of this program. Something like this is sure to strengthen US-Cuban relations because it will give Cuba a new source of pride that will be fostered in the United States.

Posted by Sophie Terry


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