North Korean Ship in Mexico’s Possession

We all have unintentional biases that arise from stories we have heard about people, which are strongly colored by another’s perception. While no one wants to admit that they allow biases to affect their actions, the truth of the matter is undeniable, and the truth is that people are strongly affected by their beliefs, including their biases.

This week, North Korea is crying out against Mexico and the U.S., claiming that the U.S. is behind the Mexican government detaining the Korean ship that ran aground just outside Mexico last year.

While the United Nations is actively investigating the ship due to its perceived connections to the “blacklisted North Korean firm, Ocean Maritime Management Company.” The company was sanctioned when investigators found missiles and live munitions beneath a ship supposedly transporting sugar.

As the investigation continues, Mexico is adamant that the thirty-three-man crew is being treated with kindness and respect, not as criminals. However, the U.N. is yet to make a statement in regards to the issue.

Posted by Marguerite France


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