Drug tunnles

It is a well known fact that the best way to cross any space undetected is underneath the ground. Cartels have taken this to heart and over the years have build many tunnels along the US mexico boarder in an attempt to cross under it bringing people and drugs across without detection. These tunnels are typically dug in warehouses so that the cartels can house their product in the large building while waiting for the tunnel to be constructed or for it to be transported. It is also a good place to hide the excess dirt that is removed to create the tunnel. However, this past week a tunnel was discovered in Mexico near the Tijuana/San Diego boarder. This was not the typical tunnel as its location was in a closet in a residence. The tunnel never made it to US soil as it was still under construction. It is just one of eighty tunnels discovered since 2006 but is very elaborate due to its construction location. Approximately nine people were arrested in the operation and a truck believed to be used to haul away the dirt was confiscated.

These tunnels range in complexity and some are ingenious. Some are equipped with lighting, tracks to haul carts, and even pulley systems. These are an essential part to the cartels business model as they are a very good way to transport their product in secrecy. The biggest risk they face is building the tunnel, after that they are relatively safe. This is because the removal of dirt is a lot louder and obvious than one car dropping off the product.

Read the full article here are see pictures

Aaron McKim


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