Wang Jing: The ‘everyday’ billionaire behind the Nicaraguan Canal

Wang Jing, 42 years old, is the billionaire behind the Nicaraguan Canal project. Never mind the fact that he’s behind one of the largest engineering endeavors in all of human history: He is a self-declared, “exceedingly simple man.”

Wang studied at Jiangxi University of Traditional Chinese Medicine but left before graduation, returning years later to organize Beijing Changping Traditional Health and Culture School. In the 1990’s he moved to Hong Kong to study international finance, and later he mined for gold and precious stones in Cambodia.

Some analysts are leery of Jing’s motivations for building the canal, accusing him of being a puppet of the Chinese Communist Party and calling attention to the sheer scale of the project and Jing’s inexperience in building projects. Critics say that it is unlikely that the project could be viable without the backing of the Chinese government. There has been speculation that the project could be useful for increasing Chinese soft power in the region.

Posted by Hunter Carter


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