Mr. Obama mending relationships?

The New York Times came out today saying that Mr. Obama is changing the relationship with many Latin American countries by taking Cuba off the terror list. After a history of tense relations between Latin America and the United States, it seems that Mr. Obama is trying to make a way for change to happen between the two.  Cuba being 90 miles from the Florida coast line could very well be a reason that these mending of relations are happening.  Will it hurt the United States? I do not believe so.  I think if anything it may cause old fears from the Cold War to reappear because of the openness, but it could do the opposite.  With it being more open, the United States may have one less things to worry about with national security.  So was Mr. Obama’s actions for the betterment of the United States? Or was it against it? I will leave that up for you to decide.


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