Article Review: “Central American migrants hope to re-start protest convoy stymied by checkpoints in Mexico”

Mexican rights activists are complaining that the Mexican government is subtly trying to stop them from exercising their right and desire to protest by setting up checkpoints along the highway.

The reason for these protests is because of recent police raids that have limited migrants’ abilities to quickly trip through Mexico to the U.S. border via riding on the tops of trains.

Yes. That was not a typo; that was said correctly.

The Mexican government is getting flack for trying to limit the way migrants can reach the U.S. through Mexico, a seemingly good thing, especially for the U.S.  In this specific instance, the Mexican government is also getting flack for allegedly trying to stop the protesters from protesting.

To be fair to these protesters, their argument is that, even though Mexico has limited the migrants attempts to travel on trains, migrants are still making these journeys, but are now taking more dangerous routes. This has led to increased rates of assault, extortion, and robbery.

At this point, its hard to not feel bad for Mexico; this is truly a lose-lose situation.

Posted by Tyler Lee

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