Brazil’s Treasurer Arrested

According to the BBC article linked below, the Brazilian government loses another snippet of legitimacy as a major figure, treasurer Joao Vaccari, got arrested. His arrest is the latest of a string of over forty politicians, all from Brazil’s ruling party, the Brazilian Workers’ Party. The highest echelons of President Dilma Rousseff’s party face consequences for a now-public scheme involving Petrobras. Petrobras is Brazil’s largest company and one of the world’s major petroleum suppliers. The Brazilian Workers’ Party colluded with Petrobras to artificially create inflated oil prices; from the resulting high prices, both the company and Rousseff’s government skimmed money. Vaccari’s arrest is significant because, to date, he is the highest-profile politician to be involved in the scandal. Because of this, there is no longer any doubt, no denying of the fact that the highest leaders of the Brazilian people participated in bilking Brazilians, many of whom live in poverty. Since Rousseff’s reelection several months ago, many have been disaffected with her presidency, inciting many protests and complaints. Because Vaccari is Dilma Rousseff’s closest partner in government, this new development can only lessen her legitimacy.


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