Tons of Dead Fish Removed from Rio Olympic Rowing Venue: Article Review


Due to an overabundance of pollution in Guanabara Bay, thousands of fish have gone belly up creating a disturbing scene in what will be this years olympic rowing venue. There is a great deal of controversy over what kind of pollution they are dealing with.

“Rio’s environmental secretariat said on Thursday that the deaths were the result of a sudden change in water temperature, but scientists rejected that explanation.
Paul Rosman, an oceanographer who works at the lagoon, told Reuters that a rise in algae blooms had led to a build up of carbon dioxide in the water.”

Regardless of how this happened, there is now a great deal of concern revolving around whether or not the cleanup will be complete in time for the olympics. More than 33 tons of dead fish have been removed so far, and a group of 60 or so people have been working for the past two weeks to clear Lagoa Rodrigo de Freitas. This could put a damper on the largest coming together of foreign nations and will have an interesting effect on international relations.

Posted by Sophie Terry


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