What Would You Do For A Chocolate Bar?

“Never trust someone who says they don’t like chocolate.” But, how much is chocolate worth?

Cacao del Peru Norte was under fire for clearing over 2,000 hectares (somewhere around 5,000 acres) in preparation for growing cacao, an essential ingredient for making chocolate.

On April 9, the courts declared the overseas company innocent; however, the integrity of the court system in Peru is questionable, arising suspicion in the public’s understanding of how the company came to be cleared of all charges.

The people’s complaints are not limited to the company’s seizure of such an extreme amount of land; they are under the impression that Cacao del Peru Norte has been involved in corrupt legal practices for awhile now.

Environmental concerns are rampant in the world, especially pertaining to Peru; carbon levels are reaching extreme highs. But don’t worry folks; the world will have its chocolate.


Posted by Marguerite France


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