Riots After Arrest

Drug Cartel leader ‘El Gafe’ was recently arrested in Mexico. After his arrest, there has been an outburst of riots and violence. This is a direct result of people trying to take over his territory in the the continuous cartel battle over territory. They have created many issues for the Mexican government and even the US consulate office in the country. There have been shootouts, road blocks, and killings all as a direct result of the arrest of ‘El Gefe’. This article shows just how intense the battles are becoming with cars being set on fire to create road blocks and gun fights. Additionally, there have been innocents killed as a result of the warfare. A pregnant mother and a teenager were hung in the city of Reynosa. The American consulate office has urged US citizens to remain indoors to avoid the violence.

This is not the first instance of the warfare in this city. The Gulf Cartel has been struggling to maintain control of the city for many years.The city has been the site for firefights and cartel action for the past eight years now. Over 100,000 have died as a result of the warfare caused by the cartels.

Read the full article and watch videos here


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