Continuing efforts to remove the trade embargo from Cuba

The relationship between the United States and Cuba continues to thaw, as President Obama and Raul Castro had a meeting in Panama City, Panama.  The meeting was described as “candid and fruitful”, and Castro and Obama sought to further repair the damage that was done between the two countries in past decades.  Castro, citing Obama as an “honest man” does not believe that President Obama should be held responsible for the decisions of former Presidents, stating that the two countries can “agree to disagree”.  The meeting was largely symbolic, as no new laws or decisions were made between the leaders, however, this meeting was symbolic to ushering in a whole new era of friendly relations between the two countries.

President Obama has asked Congress to remove Cuba from the terror list, and has also asked Congress to formally remove the trade embargo from Cuba.  Because Obama has already eased sanctions on Cuba and has made policy changes allowing certain American credit cards and airlines to operate in Cuba, the pressure on Congress to remove the embargo and normalize relations is rapidly building up.


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