Green Activists- Body Count Rises

Without the Earth, we would cease to exist. So why is that green activists have been abducted or killed while defending environmental problems in Latin America.  116 deaths have occurred due to protecting the environment.  Twenty nine people in Brazil, and twenty five in Colombia have been victims of this.  Honduras is actually home of the most brutality when it comes to green activism. 111 causalities, since 2002, have occurred.  Many of these people defending the land are protecting land that was once home to their ancestors and are considered to be enemies of the state.  These people have either lost their lives or have been forced to live like fugitives, because of the need to protect their land and the Earth. In the last year the killings have risen by 20%.  Previously four Peruvians travelling through Brazil were murdered while trying to prevent deforestation.  Which we all know that if the forests are depleted to greatly the land will turn into desert which would prevent vegetation from ever growing and also depleting our oxygen.  The question remains why these activists are being considered enemies to the state, when the state should be considered enemies of the Earth.


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