Police Violence in Mexico

Police in the United States have came under heavy scrutiny for their use of force as of late. Whatever violence has been committed by American police officers, it pales in comparison to that of the Mexican police force. A new report has surfaced that Mexican federal police allegedly killed 16 unarmed protesters in early January. The shootings occurred in the city of Apatzingan on January 6th. The victims had been protesting their lack of pay by the federal government when the police supposedly opened fire on the unarmed group. This new report, which has come from eye witnesses and survivors of the incident, contradicts that given by the the then federal government’s security commissioner, Alfredo Castillo, that the deaths were caused by friendly fire from the protesters themselves. Castillo has since stepped down from his position after heavy domestic criticism of his ability to control the violence. This is just the most recent in a long line of accusations against police in Mexico, including the abduction of 43 students by local police in September. Mexico is a country that has become known for its violence, especially violence related to gangs and drug trafficking. The Mexican government must find a way to end corruption in its police force before it is able to handle the drastic violence that plagues the nation.


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