Artilce Review: “US drug agency chief Leonhart to step down”

I love when I hear about people “retiring” in the midst of a controversy. Let me assure you, Mrs. Leonhart is not voluntarily retiring.

Under Michelle Leonhart’s reign as US Drug Agency Chief, some agents in Colombia thought it best to attend “sex” parties that featured prostitutes, as well as accepted expensive gifts; unfortunately for them, some of these parties and gifts were funded by local cartels (ah, the irony). While prostitution is legal in that area, these agents were clearly in the wrong, especially from a perception perspective.

Leonhart has been the Drug Agency Chief since 2007, so she has had a fairly substantial run being in charge. Despite this, her testimony in front of a Congressional committee signified the end of her reign; the committee decided that it no longer had confidence in her being the Chief of the agency.

I can’t blame them either. Happy “retirement” Mrs. Leonhart.

Posted by Tyler Lee

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