Is Maduro turning communist?!

"5 Billion dollars"

“5 Billion dollars”

This week Maduro, President of Venezuela, has received “5 billion dollars from China” and has begun a large project of building houses across Venezuela for the people. Mr. Maduro “had been hit by a mango with a message and number on it while driving a bus through Venezuela…the woman requested a flat” and the president gave her “his presidential flat.” Just a few red flags pop up here. China giving 5 billion dollars to Venezuela and President Maduro trying to help his people! Quite a shock from his former ways of jailing malcontents. Perhaps Venezuela has made a deal with China and is influenced by communism as a result by building houses for everyone. Everyone knows a good, hard-working capitalist wouldn’t build houses for everyone if they had the means. This action by Mr. Maduro must have former President Regan rolling in his grave and must have Congressmen throwing tantrums once again. The U.S. attitude towards Venezuela will surely change for the worst with Chinese influence in Venezuela.

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