Declining Deportations

As of right now, the Obama administration is on pace to have the fewest deportations in ten years. There has been a continuous decline in deportations since 2009 under President Obama. Many claim that is because the administration is going after criminals and recent crossovers rather than people who have been living here for some time. As of right now, the government is averaging about 19,730 removals a month. That puts the yearly total on par for around 236,000, the lowest number since 2006. Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson claims this decline is coming from a decline in the number of people attempting to cross the border. Sen. Charles Grassley, however, claims that this decline is simply a result of the nation no longer enforcing immigration laws. Judging by President Obama’s recent immigration legislation, there is a good chance this decline is related to the lack of enforcement of some immigration laws. Whether or not that is the case, the U.S. is still deporting hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants every year.

Posted by: Nick Davis


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