Latin America and Israel

I have been to Israel, and fell in love with the country from the moment I stepped on the land.  Latin America is split on what countries do and do not support the country as a Jewish State.  This is not a new controversy nor is it an unfamiliar one.  What is new about this controversy is that Guatemala is starting to slip away from supporting Israel as a Jewish State.  Uruguay supported the move in 1947 for Palestine to be given to the Jews as their home state.   Many believed that it was ridiculous that the Jews did not have a place to call home for 7,000 years.  Latin America did play a role in the Jews moving back to Israel.  But news is that they are slowly taking back their stance with the state of Israel.  Not only Latin American countries are doing this though.  Many nations are backing off of Israel, leaving Israel to stand alone.

It is so funny to me that a small piece of land has caused so much controversy.  Why when it is so small and mostly desert would it cause so much pain and violence in the Middle East?  Do you take the Biblical perspective? Do you take a political perspective? Whatever your perspective I ask you to think about why.  Why do you take the stance that you do?  Don’t just say things because you think it is popular, but find out why you believe the way that you do.


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