Ecuador Takes a Stand: Beauty is Vain

In modern-day America, one of the hottest topics is the pressure placed on women to conform to a specific physical structure to obtain beauty. Psychologists and common-folk alike are flocking to add to the general conversation, eager to share their own two cents.

Ecuadorian authorities took a stand on this issue by cancelling their national pageant, Niña Ecuador, to protect the young girls (ages four through fourteen) from the harmful enterprise that has arisen out of today’s culture. An entire industry is built upon the physical attractiveness and feminine abilities of females across the globe.

Whether people want to admit it or not does not change the truth of the matter.

Niña Ecuador is the national precursor to global competition, Niña Universo, which will occur at the end of this month in Panama. However, Ecuador (influenced by others’ determination of the pageants’ maltreatment of girls) has called it off for 2015 and has no intentions of reinstating the practice.

Ecuador is one of the only nations to take such a firm stand on beauty pageants; however, it is not alone as a small community in Argentina has decided to pan the practice of beauty pageants altogether. More and more people are using their voice to overcome this deeply-rooted part of modern society.

Posted by Marguerite France


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