My name is Stephen Fisenne. I am currently a sophomore at Wingate University, studying History as my major. The topics which I am most interested in are those of drug trafficking, causes of violent revolutions, and the relation between those topics and the international community (such as how events were influenced by it). I like to see the broader picture so that I can have a full story of why an event occurred.

So to start, I will give a brief overview of an event which has occurred recently.

In Brazil, there is currently a large outcry for the removal of President Dilma Rousseff. She has supposedly been implicated in a “Car Wash” scandal, a scandal that involved money laundering by upper officials of the government.

People are calling for the removal of the president for her supposed actions, and so far the protests have remained peaceful. People are saying that there could be an imminent threat to democracy here if the course continues. In my mind, if the situation in Brazil does not change soon, it could go from waves of yellow banners in the streets to pools of crimson blood.

Thanks for reading!

Stephen Fisenne

You can find several articles attached here referring to this event:



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