My name is Meghan Philmon, I am a senior History major at Wingate University.  My interests include the influences around the revolutions that took place and comparing them to other revolutions around the world.  Focus outside of the class is anything pre-modern era of Latin America and European history and even Colonial United States.

This article describes the massive dislike for how the different governments are ran in Latin America.  Each country is different (speaking globally), so what works for one country may not work for another country.  Because government in Latin America has not always been stable, the only way the people can get their voices out would be through literally fighting back against the government. The people know what they want and are not afraid to kick someone out of office if it is not resolved ASAP.   To Latin Americans, this is a “completely rational” way of thinking.  To change the government now, would cause for more weakening of the government.


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