Hello, my name is Brent Hunsucker and i am a senior at Wingate University. I am majoring in Political Science and interested in political philosophy and the ideological side of politics. The purpose of this is to be a beneficial tool in my History 411 class and later in life.

Brazil, at this very moment, is going through a lot of political turmoil because of corruption. Protesters have been congregating in the street to show their support of a new government. In Latin America, protesting anytime a government official has been accused of some sort of corruption has become commonplace in the past few decades. Living under a military dictatorship for as long as Brazil did, the people feel like they have now have a political voice and want to express this kind of freedom.

There are many contrasting views on this kind of large scale protest by the people. Brazilians who are protesting feel like this is necessary for their democratic voice to be heard. Others believe these sort of protest might in the end actually hurt the democracy of the country which has been stable for over twenty years. Much  of this tension going on right is due to the basis of governments, not just in Brazil, but in the rest of Latin America. For example, in Venezuela, Hugo Chavez stayed in the presidency for fourteen years. The belief that if a leader is good, then they should stay in power is widespread throughout this part of the world.

Personally, I feel like it is good for the population of Brazil to protest corruption in this way. Leaders of government should not take advantage of their population their the misuse of money. The people of Brazil are in a place where they are tired of bad leaders and want something to be done. I do not think that this problem will be solved just be the removal of Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff. The problem of corruption runs much deeper then one person.

Below I am posting a link to where some info in this blog came from.


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