My name is Iris Brewer. I am a senior Environmental Biology major with Mathematics and International Studies minors at Wingate University. I have always been interested in learning about other cultures and this class will further my understanding of the history of Latin America. Some topics that I am interested in learning more about are how the influx capitalism in Latin America impacted the environment and how the diversity of Latin American people developed over time.

This article discusses various Brazilian responses to the government’s economic policies. About 800,000 citizens have protested in the streets to voice their disapproval of the Brazilian government’s efforts. As the citizens are still adjusting to their democratic ways after living under a dictatorship for generations. By calling for President Rousseff’s impeachment, they seem to be pushing for an extreme solution instead of pushing for a resolution of the issues that they are passionate about. As a relatively young democratic country, Brazilians will continue to voice their opinions in the streets until they receive the results they are pushing for.


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