Hello World.

  During intermittent stretches of my life varying from many years in Ecuador to brief visits in Colombia, Perú, México, Argentina and Chile I have experienced a number of deep friendships. I lived many years in Quito and taught English as a Second Language at the Pontificia Universidad Cátolica del Ecuador followed by a stint at the Academia Cotopaxi named after the volcano in the picture above. At this school, the American International School in Quito, I taught Spanish Language and Literature and enjoyed my work with students from all over the world. It is because of my time in Ecuador and my concern for its immediate future that I have decided to write as coherently as possible with regard to the disturbances that take place daily in the streets of Quito and Guayaquil and, rather excitingly keep tabs on the volcano Cotopaxi that is threatening to erupt at any time. I will also follow the government of Rafael Correa with an eye to possible intervention of outside interests. History 411 will be an exciting challenge both intellectually and technolologically. I look forward to it.


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