History 411 and the 411 on me

My name is Bethanee La Borg. I am a Middle Grades History and Education Major at Wingate university and from the great state of Tennessee.  I am looking forward  to learning more about Latin America in this course. I learned so much last Spring Semester in our class, and I am sure that this will only add more to my knowledge.  I also hope that this broadens my understanding on the topic of revolutions and what causes revolutions and things like that.  I am by no means a scholar of Latin America or Political Science terms that come up in this class, so I am looking forward to seeing what all we can cram in this fall semester.

Rachel-Bethanee 049

In regards to the article we had to read, I found it very interesting.  Maybe I read it wrong, but it seemed to be talking down about how Latin America operates in democracy.  No Latin America has not been underneath a democracy mindset for as long as the United States has, but the United States is a very young country still.  We critique how other people do democracy when we ourselves are still learning how to operate in a democracy.  Maybe these countries need several presidents to figure things out.  Maybe they do need impeachments in order to figure out what works for them.  Not everyone is like the United States, and if they are trying to hear from the people then allow them to work through things on their own.  Like I said, I could have misread or misunderstood the article, but it seems to me that sometimes they just need to work on things by themselves their own way.


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