Venezuela Attempts to Stop Colombian Smugglers by Closing its Borders

Rafael Ramirez, the United Nations Venezuelan ambassador who used to be greatly involved in the energy and oil industries as the head of the national oil company, discussed the UN and Venezuela’s decision to close off its border with Colombia. Smugglers had been profiting by removing goods from Venezuela such as oil, flour, and produce and selling them for high prices in Colombia. Ramirez backed this decision by saying that smugglers take 35 percent of Venezuelan national economic output into Colombia.


This move to increase security along the 1,360 mile border has greatly strained relations between Venezuela and Colombia. Also, it prevents the Wayuu indigenous people, who don’t recognize either of the two countries, from moving freely across the border.

It will be interesting to see how these events play out in the weeks to come. Venezuela moved to protect their economy and goods, but there might be unseen social and political consequences that hinder the progression of the Venezuelan and Colombian peoples.

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